21 Capital

Investing In Disruptive Early Stage Ventures

We invest in simple ideas that can be turned into minimum viable products by the right people in less than two months. We believe that out of simplicity, ventures can be nurtured to grow and match the demand of their target audiences. 


Our Board of Directors

James LR Duchenne, Chairman & Legal Counsel

I'm a legal professional, an engineer and entrepreneur. I’m an attorney at Rothmores Lawyer, a partner at The Coinsultants (a bitcoin and virtual currency advisory network), a non-executive director of the Texas Coinitiative (a non-profit which aims to educate on the benefits of decentralized digital currencies), a writer for satoshilegal.com (a site discussing the legal aspects surrounding bitcoin) and an executive at organizations requiring my skills. 


Brendon Barr, Chief Financial Officer & Legal Counsel

I'm passionate about the law and have worked with small and large businesses in executive and legal advisory roles. I'm an attorney at Rothmores Lawyer with an accounting background and have co-developed the mplifyr prototype, 21 Capital's first investment in the virtual currency (loyalty points) space. I'm hard-working, like to have fun and enjoy thinking on my feet to provide timely advice and guidance on a variety of issues.  

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Candice Pang,  Director & Company Secretary

My combined passion for creative work and business came together when I was offered to join a team developing a Carbon Credit trading platform. This unique innovative challenge ignited my interest in pursuing disruptive innovative ideas and turning them into viable products. I've consolidated my expertise into my own small advisory firm and love helping my clients, one on one, take their ventures to the next level. 

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Ivan Barr, Non-Executive Director

I have over 30 years of experience managing and providing advice to large and small businesses in the finances sector. I've held numerous executive positions in top-tier financial firms in Australia. Together with my involvement at 21 Capital, I'm also the principal and chief operating officer of Purvis Barr and Associates, a firm focused on giving advice on investment, compliance, risk and strategic matters.