21 Capital

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Intellectual Property

Granted 2012.

The patent entitled: "An Automated Rewards Platform for different audiences utilizing self-regulating algorithms and game mechanics" was the result of research and development in the areas of internal economic management of loyalty and rewards point systems. The patent references SEiiAN Rewards Pty Ltd (now 21 Capital Pty Ltd) as owner. 


mplifyr (pronounced "amplifier")

Loyalty & Rewards

Released in 2013.

mplifyr is the prototype for an open, multi-merchant loyalty platform using a universal point system. It is one of the most flexible, cost effective product of its kind in the market.  


Differentiator - the mplifyr prototype is the result of the practical utilization of patent #AU212100820.


Commercial Notes - Merchants can try the mplifyr prototype for free and engage the mplifyr team to build, from the prototype's source codes under a licensing agreement, their own proprietary white label programs.


Customer Engagement

To be released in 2015.

LoveStamp is the MVP of Monarchy LLC, and is a product that allows merchants to show their appreciation to their customers or supporters.


Differentiator - LoveStamp allows the use of a unique physical stamp to reward customers and supporters with bitcoin using social media and bitcoin micropayment platforms.


Commercial Notes - Merchant pays a much lower subscription fee than other engagement solutions in the marketplace. The process doesn't introduce friction at the point of sale and doesn't require internet other than on the receiving mobile device.



Wordpress Utility

To be released in 2015.

StampConnect allows the utilization of a physical object to create unique responses and interactions with the virtual world.


Differentiator - Several uses exist for the plugin, for example: developers wanting to create a treasure hunt where physical tokens not connected to the internet can be used to unlock clues, once only or as many times as required. 


Commercial Notes - The StampConnect plugin is marketed at $5 and allows developers and web creators to save time and use it with their wordpress theme seamlessly.